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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Real Meaning of the Story of 'Adam & Eve'

So what does the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible really mean? Some take it literally, others look deeper and still others know there are hidden coded meanings in the stories of the Bible, based on an ancient system of thought and knowledge called the Kaballah. Whatever it is, we can always dig deeper and try to ascertain the real meaning behind a story.

Recently, I saw a comment on an enlightened discussion group online which sparked my thoughts on this issue. The comment had to do with Coca-Cola, the commenter asked, are the "makers of "Coca-Cola" on the plane just big drug pushers trying to keep the world asleep by creating a legal substance to weigh our minds down?

Well I must say 'Coca-Cola' is one of my vices, but no matter what, I will NEVER drink diet coke or any diet cola or food that contains aspartame in it! Bad bad stuff.. and I heard that now they have changed the name to 'something (unknown word) sweet' watch for it.. basically anything manufactured, not natural could be bad for us.. funny how 'progress' from the times of the Neanderthals to now has basically not brought up much further up the spiritual ladder. Well it has, but all this manufactured 'goodness' we have in our modern day life sometimes does us more harm than good.. Maybe the future involves going back to simpler times, like in the days of the 'cavemen' yet with a new consciousness of knowing what we're doing and why. Back then they didn't know, today we would. Maybe that's the true meaning of 'Adam and Eve' coded for the trans-formation of humanity through Time.

It is like the serpent, who in many cultures around the world, has sometimes been revered as 'Wisdom' yet how the creature is portrayed in the story of Adam and Eve is a 'tempter.' Perhaps that 'tempter' is there to teach us something? But if you listen to his words, he said of taking of the apple of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' that 'surely you will not die.' Well, if we take of say aspartame, we will die? Well maybe not, but it could cause many symptoms, some severe and some mild, but it could in a way cause us to 'die.' I find it funny that the name itself, aspartame, if you break it down, could be 'tame' the 'asp' which is another word for snake. If you break down words a lot, you will find things you never thought you would.

But in conclusion, I would say that one hidden or coded meaning of the story of Adam and Eve is the long transformation from early and unconscious man to what we have to today, so-called 'modern man' yet who is still unconscious from time to time and is facing many obstacles to becoming conscious. Yet everything going on today whether it is economical, political, climate-wise, weather-wise, the earth changes, and the spiritual consciousness that is becoming more and more apparent these days - all of it is meant is egging us on to become more conscious. We may eventually go back to simpler times, as it was in the 'cave days' but if we did or do, we would go back with a new sense of things and know what we were doing and why.