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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Ride Goes Round and Round....

With all the strange things going on right now in our world... it makes you wonder what it's all for sometimes, and who's running the show... well... think of it this way...

If the 'ringleader'* the 'circus master*' the 'puppet master*' *(plural if need be), are the ones running things behind the scenes, and no matter what things are going to go as they go, maybe the best thing is just to go with it sometimes.... instead of fight it, because after all, we all like a good show (or ride), don't we?! And if there is no way to fight it anyway, why struggle?! These can be rhetorical questions... ofc... something to think about.... but think about it, the only way off the 'ride' is to get off the ride! But a lot of us don't want to.... or feel the need to.... and that's fine, that's the way things are, but... it doesn't mean some of us (or a lot of us) can't comment on it along the way.... but if you want to get off the merry go round, you just get off... only if it's going round and round and round as merry go rounds do, and pretty fast, the music is mesmerizing, the incessant motion of the horses is a pleasurable bit of merriment... the people you are sharing the ride with are important or amusing to you, then it makes for a satisfying diversion, and it is hard to just 'get off' the ride... (one could get hurt as well....). There are really so many things going on at once... and many below the surface... and we won't really know what until the end of the ride ... or not until the last curtain call.... not until after the play.... so let it be.... but just know what it is... and who you are... the special role you are supposed to play, and with what and whom you are dealing... never forgetting the nature of the ride.... and its purpose...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why Bernie Sanders Will Win
And It’s All Because of Trump and Hillary

First of all, was Ted Cruz sent back from time, the past? Like the Reagan era perhaps and he doesn’t know it? He thinks we are still living in that time…? I believe so… He’s right in one sense, that the ‘liberal’ media want Trump to win because that would secure a win for Hillary… due to his extremism. That would be one theory. Here is another one.  

It is all one big reality show… The biggest in modern history.

So the theory is that Trump is actually a minion of Hillary and her people otherwise known as ‘The Hillary Machine’ in some circles and online, actually hired by them to decimate the Republicans so the populace will be forced to vote for her…. Will in effect have no other ‘logical’ choice BUT her. The actual setup is the biggest reality TV show there is, in ‘real’ life with the biggest reality TV star, with a yuuuuggggeeee payout for him). At the time Trump wins, due to his overwhelming popularity, he suddenly has a change of ‘heart and mind’ and says that he is not ‘ready for this role’ (ironically completely true since it was an actual ‘role’ set up by that group) - and subsequently resigns, leaving Hillary the only candidate at that point (and him looking noble and heroic). However, a group of hackers - the Anonymous group perhaps - finds evidence that this was all a ploy/play from the very beginning, with Obama’s help, to get Hillary to win. A brilliant move really, except that it is fraudulent and due to that, Sanders wins by default.

The biggest scandal of the century as it turns out. And actually well for everyone involved, even if they don’t know it yet… funny how Fate works doesn’t it? Hmm… just a theory… ;-)

Update: November 6th, 2016

With all the unbelievably crazy things that have happened and been revealed since this last blog post, you would think that the world has gone completely nuts... and it has.... but with only two days before the biggest 'election' this country has ever known... it doesn't look like the 'predictions' of this particular blog will come to pass.... that still does not mean that there is not some sort of collusion and 'rigging' behind the scenes... Trumpet constantly proclaims that, although the 'rigging' is really deeper than can be seen by the naked eye.... what will come to pass, as is usual, whatever 'those in charge' will will to come to pass.... and that is the truth....!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Time of Reflection, Rest and Resurrection!

Three very inspirational videos that are very fitting for this time of the 'Winter Solstice' - the setting, and rising of the ancient 'Sun' and then the 'Son' of God.  No matter what you call it or how you celebrate it, it is the same Spirit that runs through it all I believe.... not that is it one religion, but one Spirit.... anyone and everyone has a right to express it how they wish. Here is how I express it. 

I think these are a few quite perfect videos for this time of reflection and rest... and resurrection!  For no matter what is done to us, we must rise again...!  That is the ultimate message of this time... however it is expressed.  It may sound trite, but it is true that the outer dressing really does not matter, it is what is inside that counts... All this is what this season and the next is really about.... but, before I wax too philosophical, here are the videos. 

Here is a very special song for this time... for a Celtic Christmas... as one commentator has  mentioned in the comments section: "The Mummers Dance is to celebrate the Winter Solstice. It is no different than celebrating the birth of Christ or Santa Claus. All of the instruments are culturally relevant to the music being played."

The commentator also went on to say: "... this woman has the voice of an angel, talent well beyond the musicians of today, speaks several languages, plays hundreds of instruments and is a world traveler.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..."

Anyway, the SECOND I saw/heard this video back in 1998 when it first came out, I was completely and utterly mesmerized! I think it's my Celtic spirit.... ;-) No matter when I hear this song or what is going on, it never fails to uplift my spirit.. so I think it's thoroughly fitting to post it at this time.... please enjoy.... and remember to watch it full screen and with the volume turned up as much as you can take it... ;-)

And a little background on the 'Mummers Plays'

Second, this video from the current film 'The Hobbit' the 'Song of the Lonely Mountain/Misty Mountains -Song of Thorin' - the Dwarf King.  

Another totally inspirational song... resonating with ancient lament.... I like it when the Dwarves sing it with their deep, resonant voices like in the movie, but I can't find that video at this time and this one is neatly put together and also has lyrics... which are very significant. 

Thirdly, but certainly not the last is this video of the full length 27 verse poem from the book The Hobbit itself, by J.R.R. Tolkien.  It is said that he used to hum this song to himself when he was alive... just like in this video, as one commentator put it.  

This song seems to be sung by a real life elf basically!  This girl is amazing!  Like somebody said on the video comments, "If ever I imagined an Elven lament dedicated to the dwarves, this would be it." 

I myself can hear the primal longing and ancient, mystical lament in this song... resonating through the ages.... this is 16 minutes long because it is the full length 27 verse poem straight from Tolkien's 'The Hobbit.'  That book btw, has pure magic in it... I think it is very potent. 

J.R.R.Tolkien: Over the Misty Mountains Cold / The Dwarven Song of Old Wealth

Lyrics: Misty Mountains Cold

Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day,
To seek our pale enchanted gold.

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells,
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

For ancient king and elvish lord
There many a gleaming golden hoard
They shaped and wrought, and light they caught,
To hide in gems on hilt of sword.

On silver necklaces they strung
The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, on twisted wire
They meshed the light of moon and sun.

Far over the Misty Mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day,
To claim our long-forgotten gold.

Goblets they carved there for themselves,
And harps of gold, where no man delves
There lay they long, and many a song
Was sung unheard by men or elves.

The pines were roaring on the heights,
The wind was moaning in the night,
The fire was red, it flaming spread,
The trees like torches blazed with light.

The bells were ringing in the dale,
And men looked up with faces pale.
The dragon's ire, more fierce than fire,
Laid low their towers and houses frail.

The mountain smoked beneath the moon.
The dwarves, they heard the tramp of doom.
They fled the hall to dying fall
Beneath his feet, beneath the moon.

Far over the Misty Mountains grim,
To dungeons deep and caverns dim,
We must away, ere break of day,
To win our harps and gold from him!

The wind was on the withered heath,
But in the forest stirred no leaf:
There shadows lay be night or day,
And dark things silent crept beneath.

The wind came down from mountains cold,
And like a tide it roared and rolled.
The branches groaned, the forest moaned,
And leaves were laid upon the mould.

The wind went on from West to East;
All movement in the forest ceased.
But shrill and harsh across the marsh,
Its whistling voices were released.

The grasses hissed, their tassels bent,
The reeds were rattling--on it went.
O'er shaken pool under heavens cool,
Where racing clouds were torn and rent.

It passed the Lonely Mountain bare,
And swept above the dragon's lair:
There black and dark lay boulders stark,
And flying smoke was in the air.

It left the world and took its flight
Over the wide seas of the night.
The moon set sale upon the gale,
And stars were fanned to leaping light.

Under the Mountain dark and tall,
The King has come unto his hall!
His foe is dead, the Worm of Dread,
And ever so his foes shall fall!

The sword is sharp, the spear is long,
The arrow swift, the Gate is strong.
The heart is bold that looks on gold;
The dwarves no more shall suffer wrong.

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

On silver necklaces they strung
The light of stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, from twisted wire
The melody of harps they wrung.

The mountain throne once more is freed!
O! Wandering folk, the summons heed!
Come haste! Come haste! Across the waste!
The king of freind and kin has need.

Now call we over the mountains cold,
'Come back unto the caverns old!'
Here at the gates the king awaits,
His hands are rich with gems and gold.

The king has come unto his hall
Under the Mountain dark and tall.
The Wyrm of Dread is slain and dead,
And ever so our foes shall fall!

Farewell we call to hearth and hall!
Though wind may blow and rain may fall,
We must away, ere break of day
Far over the wood and mountain tall.

To Rivendell, where Elves yet dwell
In glades beneath the misty fell.
Through moor and waste we ride in haste,
And whither then we cannot tell.

With foes ahead, behind us dread,
Beneath the sky shall be our bed,
Until at last our toil be passed,
Our journey done, our errand sped.

We must away! We must away!
We ride before the break of day!

Friday, November 16, 2012

So You Want to Secede...

Hmmm, so this is the new trend now, States wanting to secede from the United States.... key word being 'United.'  If this were to really happen, it would no longer be the 'United' States of America, but the 'Dis-united' States of America.  Now whether this is a real grassroots effort or the product of more 'Agent Provocateurs' (as happened in the Occupy Wall Street Protests towards the end which ultimately brought them down) ( is not to be fully known.  It is my belief that this movement at the very least started out with a sincere intention, since States like Texas and other entities and groups within states have been talking about this forever, including the 'Coming Civil War.'  But.... some allegations have been that these petitions have been 'fake from the beginning' - take this comment from a youtube video:

The thing is, anyone from anywhere can create these petitions. Anyone can sign them too. The original petition was a hoax and the rest are copycat hoaxes. The Hawaii petition was created by someone from Florida! [willease 20 hours ag(comment included exactly as posted, misspellings and all!)]

I wonder how true this is.... Sounds like this commentator is sincere in what he says, although he may have received faulty information from another source.  But also to be fair and objective, the fact that anyone can sign them too is not anything sinister, you could sign for other states if you want to!  The statement that these are a hoax from the beginning though, I have no idea.

But anyway, the video that inspired the following comments on youtube ;-) and my article here is this:

And as a commentator on the youtube video said,

Wake up, WAKE UP, it's time to go to sleep!
Perfectly said; in an uncanny way, it is the truth! (as I said)

How ironic and uncannily true, well, let's hope we don't just 'wake up to go to sleep!' 

Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland somehow.... I think we have all gone through the looking glass... and one day, we will wake up and find that we are in the same place we went to sleep... and that really, we had the truth in our hands and minds the whole time... but we had to go through the tunnel and the looking glass and everything else to find that out....

My comments on the youtube video are as follows:  (from earliest to latest, top to bottom).

I don't think this would happen, the Federal Government wants too much power (as well as the Global Government), and furthermore, if this did start to really happen.... worst case scenario, the Conspiracy Theorists would have a hey day 'cause then they will say the 'New World Order' has begun its march... and the 'martial law' FEMA camps will follow... Civil War.... I'm just saying, 'worst case scenario' and 'Conspiracy Theory-wise.' Doesn't mean it WILL happen....  but it is all the beginning of 'waking up.'

Now there are copycat petitions such as 'all those that have asked for secession to have their citizenship revoked' or else a petition for the city of El Paso to secede from Texas.... "El Paso has little in common with the rest of Texas.  Its demographics are more similar to New Mexico. El Paso is also proud to be part of the United States and wants no part of a state whom publicly contemplates secession from our great nation." ("Allow the city of El Paso to secede from the state of Texas.")

So, this could go on and on until there is nothing left... if this really happened, everything would devolve into pure chaos, which is sometimes necessary, to get things going, to a certain extent. Right now, the people are in their adolescence, rebelling against the 'Parent,' the Federal Government, but do they realize just how interdependent we all are? How much we really depend on other states and the Federal Government for certain things such as imported foods and goods, moneys, etc.

One consequence of this going through, if it actually went that far, would completely break down interstate commerce, because then each state, which imports/exports different goods, according to their region, and then entities like the F.B.I., which has 'federal jurisdiction' across all state borders, would legally/technically not be able to cross state lines to do their job (check their history on how they became the 'Federal' Bureau of Investigation.' Yeah, some would say, "That's great! That's just what we want!" But... ... the fact is, when the local law enforcement starts to break down, or has some issue which can't be resolved internally, then you'd be wishing for that Federal Government to come in and help... then others, I know, will chant, "Well, we can make our own laws and fulfill them! We don't need no stinking Feds!" 

Or whatever... and of course these same people have their own guns and their own laws, like going back to the Old West... (not downing the 2nd amendment here, just explaining). Only, not everybody can be like that... ... and furthermore (I keep running out of room here.. ;-) there will always be some that will want to 'lord it over others' no matter how small the faction, break it down to the States, cities, towns, regions, neighborhoods, streets, and finally individuals, it is within human nature to 'lord it over.' Unless one is able to overcome that basic nature, which is another thing altogether. But that is in the realm of spirituality and metaphysics, not Government or Politics! 

But anyway, I digress... but THAT right there is why it was stipulated in the original Constitution of the United States of America that 'State and religion be separate.' (paraphrased). B/c they are so inherently different! One reason anyway... but anyway, one other unintended (and probably not thought of) consequence of separating the states from the greater 'Union' is that that State would then be its own entity, it might involve not being able to cross other state lines... .... so if whoever wants to secede is happy with just staying within their own little state and area and never going anywhere else, never trading with other states or even interacting at times.... (worst case), then so be it! But it wouldn't last very long once people start to see that it is really not as good as they thought.... they would all have to regulate who gets what and when and each state don't forget has a different character and desires which they may not all agree on...

...So if one state, say Iowa doesn't agree with another States ways, then they might say, "Well, we won't export any corn this year... so there!" Or another state which excels in another skill/product, say Michigan, the auto industry at least once was, in retaliation, says they won't allow their products to cross state lines.... there are all sorts of implications and there will always be fierce individualists who don't need anybody or anything, but fact is, most people are not like that.

.... and the ones who have pushed this on the others who may not have logically thought it through , will eventually begin to resent it and feel that they have only signed up for ANOTHER kind of Government, but one more in its infancy, more wild and untamed, less civilized and learned really... and then 'anarchy! - again! The values of the Old West are noble, but we can't go backwards now, we've come too far, true, if any one entity gets too strong then it needs to be curtailed, but .... ... I don't quite think this is the answer and that it would not quite be as everyone thinks it would be.... also, that is not to say, it is not a noble sentiment, it is... and the individual should rise up, although taken to an extreme, like Ayn Rand's philosophy, it could be too much, but anyway, it is the beginning of 'waking up' and not taking it anymore... and that's good.. but again, something like that can only succeed if everyone in the state is in agreement and no one entity wants to... 

What I'm saying is this could only succeed if everyone in the individual state is in agreement and no one entity then wants to 'lead' and tell all the others what to do, and 'lord it over' because then eventually, the same thing would happen again, where more 'entities' would want to separate from the others till it all, as I said, devolves into chaos and anarchy. Which, like fire, is good as a catalyst, but quickly burns out. Something else must always replace it. Oftentimes it is despotism. Like in alchemy, in nature, a too hot fire burns earth and earth becomes hardened and stony.  

 ..Speaking of despotism, the petition to 'revoke the citizenship of all that have asked for secession' is a bit of despotism at work. That is the *other* extreme and also, probably set up by Agent provocateurs... to stir the pot... or perhaps not, who knows, but that is another extreme, of which kind the 'Secessionaries' are actually fighting against, ironically enough.  But anyway, I just followed the logical conclusion of all this and deduced what could happen out of it. more thing - thank you for listening and bearing with all my comments as I bear my mind (I usually write all this on my blog and probably still will ;-), thank God we do have free speech in this great country of ours so we can speak our minds as long as we do not abuse that right...

Latest youtube responses and replies: 

Another youtuber's responses and here are mine as well.  To keep it simple, I have italicized my responses. 

Other youtube user:  (heismyhightower)
Of course everybody is not going to 100% agree with everything . Thats why we have a voting system. All things should be voted on by its citizens. When all is said & done if someone does not like the Laws in one state then can always move to another. I think its important that we also remain allies to our neighboring. states. What we have now is NOT working. Our country is on the brink of civil war. We need to find a PEACEFUL solution & Secession sounds like the best answer to me

heismyhightower in reply to videovixen71 (Show the comment) 33 minutes ago

This is amazing how quickly these petitions are being posted as well as signed, in a 4 day period Texas has gotten over 65,000 signatures & will continue to get signitures until Dec.10, 2012. I will guess at the rate they are going they will get a few hundred thousand signatures. Everytime I look more states are joining. 'Im glad to see it's being done in a peaceful & respectful manner.

heismyhightower 3 days ago

My response: 

Yes, I agree there should be a PEACEFUL solution, always!  But, knowing human nature, although more and more are becoming more conscious and aware, it seems like there is always an element or two that would devolve this into another 'conflict.' And seeing as how all the states are so different, would they all work together? Just logical thoughts one should ponder.... thank you for your comment.... I appreciate a peaceful back and forth discussion...

.... but that brings up another issue - how easy would it be to just 'move' from one state to another, wouldn't the states want to be very 'discriminating' about who transfers there and the different rules and all that, but if human nature can be at its highest, this could potentially work.  But being a skeptic and a realist, I just still don't know if it would... or could work. 

That being said - even though realistically this might not happen, or work, the fact that it is even being initiated at all is a sign that there is a massive awakening and a spiritual shift in the consciousness of humanity, and that alone is tremendous. 

To follow any new comments (they keep coming up, including responses to mine), go here: 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Update to the "Batman Killings'

Adding to my original post here: The Perfect Patsy? There is a possibility that James Holmes did do the actual shooting, only he could have been under 'chemical mind control' or a Jason Bourne type of mind control,

If these types of experiments were done on military veterans, how hard is it to be done on certain civilians of that mind? So if a true defense were set up for such things, would that technically make him not completely 'responsible' for these crimes, but the ones who instigated it would be implicated, if that indeed is the case. But check this new article out for further strange facts. You will see that 'all is not right in Gotham.'

The Games Are Afoot!

This article inspired by this post 'Let the Games Begin'. If you follow this blog, Merovee, you will know the background of this subject. 

Here is an excerpt from that blog post linked above to give you an idea of what I am referring to in my article:
‘The Magician’ will be seen in the giant figure of Prospero, or Merlin as I prefer to see him . Prospero is the character from ‘The Tempest’ which will start the ceremony with the ringing of the Bell and the lines “Be not afeard, the Isle is full of noises” . It also ties up with Wenlock and Mandeville, who are based on the ‘Monas Hieroglyphica’, a glyph by John Dee, the original Prospero .
We have seen the numbers 1&2 throughout 2012, and it doesn’t come as a surprise to see 1 and 2 again . But it does take on a dark tone with the Aurora shootings, where 12 people were killed and the tragedy occurred at a Midnight showing – 12 pm . I would suggest the 20/7 and 27/7 are also connected – 2×7 = 7/7 and this is doubled for the Ceremony – 2×7/7 .
I equate the number 2 with S, as it is virtually a mirror of the letter and if we transfer this to the timing we have 8 (Infinity) – ISIS . No surprise there!
T-minus two hours before the Hunger Games, I mean the Olympic Ceremonies begin where I am in the world.. ;-) I’m sure by now they have started and finished for everyone in the host country.. (if I have my time zones correct), but anyway, to reiterate and add to some of this.. I found this very interesting tidbit on one of the many esoteric sites I peruse..
“According to the ancient Egyptians, there was a special occult link between Sirius and the Earth when they were at their closest distance. In other words, more universal light was being reflected from Sirius than at any other time of the year. This link was found to be most powerful during the ‘Dog Days’ of August (Sirius is known as the Dog Star) which run from July 23rd to August 23rd. Some consider them to peak out as late as September 8th.”
Now I find this EXTRA interesting in light of how the Games and the Aurora Incident may be connected, because that occurred three days before the start of these ‘ Dog Days of Sirius’ – likening it to the three days that Jesus ‘died’, was in the tomb and ‘resurrected.’  As an aside, for that that may not know, the planet Sirius, is often referred to as the 'Dogstar' so the 'Dog Days of Sirius' refers to that.  Also, something I noticed later about the numerology in the Aurora Incident if I haven’t mentioned it already, was that '12' died (like the ‘Twelve Disciples’ of Jesus) and one – the ‘Joker’ – ‘Judas’ is left behind and the cause.. so more inherent symbolism.  One could say that whoever orchestrated all this, if that is indeed the case, has an inherent hatred of 'Christ' principle and all he represents.. and is mocking him in a way.. could that be it??  Anyway, it is all symbolic, all symbolic, even if ‘they’ don’t believe it, others do and that’s what counts, ’cause you ‘mock’ others’ beliefs and if they are strong enough, that is good enough for the perpetrators. 
And the fact that they are integrating earth, air, fire and water in these games is SOOOO ritualistic, sooooo, alchemical, especially since John Dee was known as the Queen’s Alchemist.. a thought just came to my mind.. since you said something ‘may happen in the skies’ (the ‘air’) and they said whoever lights the ceremony will ‘Wowwww’ everyone, and keep in mind I have not seen anything that has happened with the ceremony in another time zone, but the thought just came to my mind, that they will have a hologram of some sort, including ‘lighting’ the ‘Olympic Cauldron’) talk about alchemy and magic – that is so ‘Witchy!’).. perhaps they will have their own ‘Isis’ – Princess Di, come back from the dead like they had Tupac at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival ‘return’ (I was there btw!) to ‘light’ the cauldron, although that would even be too crass for them.. but anyway, I suspect a hologram might play some part in this, maybe that ‘fake alien invasion’ everyone is talking about. 
But anyway, the ‘alchemy’ they could be trying to create is in people’s minds, the Collective Mind as some have hinted at.. that IS where it all counts really.. but it is interesting that the Olympics are going on during the WHOLE time that the ‘Days of Sirius’ are going on.. also, don’t forget that they end on the ’12th’ of August.. and one more thing, it’s really silly, but the ‘Joker’ character has often been depicted as saying 'Are you serious?’  But some with an esoteric sense of humor have changed it to ‘Are you Sirius?’ Well here’s hoping whatever ‘Cosmic Jokes’ are played on us… we take them in stride.  And as the writer/author of' the 'Merovee' blog pointed out and 'Prospero' in the Tempest said, "Be not afeard, the Isle is full of noises." 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Conspiracy Sites Under Attack?

Oh, they are definitely being monitored *and* infiltrated (ATS case in point, if you read through some of the comments and posts, you will see deliberate derailing and also known 'dis-info' techniques. They *know* that a lot if not all of those 'theories' are right on the mark and they have to put a stop to them! Can't have the truth come out now can you, that would not suit the 'agenda!' Noooo.... and there was even a small comment by a police officer, who I know probably meant well, on an MSNBC or CNN article online, where  he said that 'there will be a lot of information going around on blogs and such' and we 'can't believe everything we read.' Hahaha, but people constantly BELIEVE whatever they hear or read on the Mainstream News! Yeah, dichotomy reigns. Truth disdains. (to them anyway). But anyway, just earlier today and yesterday, almost every top article had to do with Aurora, but slowly, other articles have come to top it, now that happens, whenever somebody posts something major on that site, it moves to the top of the list, but sometimes 'trolls' will do that deliberately to derail the discussion as part of the 'Dis-info' techniques.. now, there are more articles, still important, but more about a global elite hiding trillions of dollars and also weird feelings coming about as some of us have talked about on various sites..

It's Coming. Do You Feel It?

Mind you, these topics are still of utmost importance, it's just that I've noticed the 'Aurora' posts sort of disappearing under the pile of other articles.. which can be interpreted as deliberate 'burying' although like I said, that is part of what happens also as news gets old and other news comes to the forefront..

Although this article here may be related to it all somehow (the truth is it's all related... everything in this world), but ummm, also in response to someone's comment up above about something happening at the Olympics: 'Israel fears Iranian terror attack at London 2012 Olympics'

Report: Israel Fears Iranian Terror Attack at London 2012 Olympics

This could be the subject of another post at some point.. especially if something happens, which hopefully nothing like that will.. but as some of us may know, Israel has had it out for Iran for quite a while.. but what if it's not the 'Iranians' at all...?? Or, as some have hinted at a false flag alien/extra-terrestrial attack... and so deeper and deeper it goes... check next blog for more strange and paranormal stuff...