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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The True Nature of Religion

On this holiest of days ahead, I thought I would release one of my responses on a forum about religion.

I like that thought and I have thought the same thing.. that's why in the end, we really don't have anything to worry about.. it's like Shakespeare himself said, a mysterious figure that some think was on the 'inside' anyway, and not really an illiterate poor man, how could he be anyway? Well he could be, but besides that, like he said

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players."

Maybe he was onto something there.

Whether it's us, the so-called Illuminati, the shadow government, the politicians, whether sincere or corrupt, the rich, the poor, the stupid, the ignorant, the naive or cunning, the wise or green, we all have a part to play in this great Universal play..

And in relation to what [name withheld] and others said about religions, I have to concur with that view too, I think that every 'religion' has truth and some deceit to it, the job is to find the truth in it for ourselves; it cannot be just given to us, if it were, we would not recognize it anyway and we might not be worthy of it. But if we find it ourselves, we will surely know it when we see it and will be worthy of attaining it at that point. Also, I think that every religion or way of thinking has some piece to the puzzle and it's up to us to all work together with our different points of view and thinking and beliefs, the key is to 'work together' to 'become one' in the truest and most spiritual way, not 'new agey' and then, and only then will we all discover the One Truth that resides in the collective unconscious of the Universe itself. Remember, one of Jesus' prayers before he approached the Garden of Gethsemane was 'Let everyone become one' I think this is what he was referring to..

The Ladder of Light: Ascent to Success

Comment in response to Vigilant Citizen's Post on Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet – Part 2

Yeah, it’s all very perplexing really, it make you wonder, are these symbols being blatantly broadcast to inform the public that the industry is part of all of this or are they trying to make light of the symbology? Or are they hiding in plain view? It’s really hard to tell sometimes. But anyway, “things that make you go hmmm…” But here’s a kicker, as a lot of you may know by now, Lady Gaga has recently ’seen the Queen’ (Queen of England) and she was wearing red! And red, if you are not aware, is an Illuminati/secret society ritual color. The color of sacrifice. And it was quite an elaborate red dress actually, she kinda looked like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, more mind control Illuminati symbolism at work there… and there are connections of the Illuminati to the Queen, perhaps even the Queen Mother of all Illuminati.. who knows, but anyway, if that doesn’t prove that Lady Gaga hasn’t been playing with the fires of Illumination then I don’t know what does.. I guess she’s graduated to the next level, she’s proved her worth in that world and got to meet the High Queen.. but that doesn’t mean that she’s in the highest levels of all that, just a bit higher now. She has ascended one more rung of the ‘ladder of light..’ But if she really is getting deep into all of this, I just hope she eventually knows how to get out if she wants, but once you taste of the success bestowed upon you, it becomes harder and harder to get out. That’s one reason I think it has been said that it is much harder for the ‘rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven’ (paraphrased from the Bible), but I remember reading once a long time ago, something that Mother Theresa said, and I’ve never forgotten it because it’s an unusual viewpoint, she said that not only do the poor need assistance, but the rich do as well.. I think she was referring to things such as this.. despite all this, I must say, I do enjoy Lady Gaga’s music and performances and I have heard that she is a really nice person to her fans.. even buying them all pizza on the opening day of her CD while they were waiting in line. But for some reason, probably because she is so talented and has charisma and her hand on the pulse of society, she has been chosen to convey these hidden symbols to the world in her work, so for whatever it’s worth, she works for them for now. If anybody wants to see more about the Illuminati in film, watch Eyes Wide Shut, that last film that Stanley Kubrick did before he died (one researcher has said, coincidence or not..?), but anyway, the scenes in this film apparently portray very closely inside rituals of the aforementioned group. And, they are wearing red!