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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 'Light' of the World

Article from a blog I follow about how they want to 'Shut Down the Internet' now because of 'security' reasons. Hmmm, yeah, does 'The Ministry of Security' ala '1984' think it's dangerous?

What a load of malarkey!! The fact that they want to do this??!! I read somewhere that originally the internet was actually let out to the public at large and was meant as a massive mind control tool.. but it turned out to be something so totally different.. a mind opening tool! And of course now they realize just how much of a mistake it was… how it got so out of hand.. they can’t control it, although they are trying, but since they can’t, they are trying to destroy it.. oh how quaint!!

It’s funny, how the multiple headed dragon of myth and lore is actually in a way the internet and also the Truth spreading like Fire across the World.. as more and more get their Truth on.. the internet was started by hackers anyway, and if they do manage to somehow shut it down or limit it, it will pop up again somehow.. hopefully.. funny, how ’1984′ and the ‘Ministry of Truth, Security’ and whatever else is so true..! David Icke is right when he says that George Orwell wrote that book not out of merely his imagination, but because he was privy to inside information through some kind of society, I forget which one it was, but the story in that book consists of actual plans that the New World Order’ had in mind a long, long time ago.. only, they probably didn’t anticipate such an outpouring of mass Information and Consciousness.. there is most definitely a War on for our Minds and Souls…I just get so incensed about this and my Mind on Fire that I just have to say something! 

Intresting how the 'Dragon' and the 'Chaos' which they so desperately seek to control.. was originally what they put into place basically.. I guess they can't see so far ahead all the time! They are limited by their Darkness, which they are deceived into thinking is the 'Truth' - the 'Light' but these 'Illuminated' ones are walking the dark path lit by a false Light...