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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sound and Vision

Sound And Vision
David Bowie


Doo, doo, doo, do-doh
Doo, doo, doo, do-doh

Don't you wonder sometimes
'Bout sound and vision

Blue, blue, electric blue
That's the colour of my room
Where I will live
Blue, blue

Pale blinds drawn all day
Nothing to do, nothing to say
Blue, blue

I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of sound and vision
And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision
Drifting into my solitude, over my head

Don't you wonder sometimes
'Bout sound and vision

The First Family of Satanism (On Satanism, What is it Really?)

When people hear 'Satanism' they immediately think of one thing - evil' the 'Devil.' But when people think of Christianity, certain images and notions come to mind as well. But to be truly objective and rational, one shouldn't assume that one thing is one or the other.. they are two sides of the same coin.. I believe there is something higher and in the middle of all that.. a totally different thing coming about.. or at least there should be.

The following is a discussion on this video partially based on a comment somebody had left and also my response to the video.

Comment on youtube video: and my responses to the comment and the video:

If this Bob Larson guy would not shout and be so disrespectful, this could actually be an interesting debate. The problem is, Satanists like to provoke Christians because it's so easy. Say something out of line about the Bible and Jesus and they're gonna jump. But that's the nature of American Christianism. And the reason why such a movement doesn't exist in Europe is because we're much more humble. We've accepted faith as something private and respect it. Even if you believe it's all bogus.

My comments/responses:

I don't think they were even trying to 'provoke' Mr. Larson at all.. they were simply stating 'their' facts as they saw them, which is allowed under free speech and basic human rights.

I kind of disagree with both sides... and with what the 'Werewolf' is saying.. he calls the new century, the 'Satanic century' I don't quite believe that... neither do I believe that it is the 'Christian' century.. it is really neither.. as I said above those are two sides of the same coin..

Yeah... this guy is saying contradictory things.. on the one hand, he says Levey was at first being a showman (and criticizing him on that) and then on the other hand... he was criticizing him for not coming out in public anymore.. (and his daughter very calmly and rationally pointed that out), and then... he is saying that Levey is not bringing out his beliefs for the public to scrutinize 'objectively.' But if he truly believes they are 'evil' why would he want that?? Make sense?? (Not!)

What he is REALLY doing is bringing attention to this 'religion/movement'.. the exact opposite of what a type like him 'should' do - a Christian... what you concentrate on, focus on is what will become your reality.. just basic tenets..

If this guy or anybody like him were really serious about NOT touting Satanism or whatever is being talked about, he wouldn't talk about it. But leave it alone. That is real religion. All this interview serves to do is make people more curious about Satanism, which is fine people should be intellectually curious and knowledgeable and know what they're dealing with in any circumstance. Knowledge IS power. There are bad sides to everything, whether Satanism or even Christianity. Look at the Inquisition. Now that was under the name of 'God' and the Church' and 'Christendom,' but was that any 'good?' We should never assume that something is eitiher 'good' or 'bad' - how about it just 'IS?' And go from there, everything must have its balance, but we must use our spiritual discernment to ultimately gauge what will work or not for us and the all.

This is only the first part of the interview I am commenting on/discussing, there is more which I will get to later.