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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Part II of 'Rise of the Robots'

Part II of the article: see above article, Transhumanism, Rise of the Robots

The following is a comment I posted in response to this article on Vigilant Citizen's website. Please read the article first. Thanks.

Okay then, so in the beginning of the video Will I.Am, says that it would be cool if a robot voice sang his lyrics. So wouldn't that mean he would be out of a job?! Or would he only be the one who wrote the lyrics, but then he wouldn't perform or what..? Let's just say in the context of the video... in the 'dream within the dream' within the fantasy within the video.. or whatever! Wouldn't that bee makin' sense? Heheh.. anyway, after Michael Jackson died, and I heard his brain was separated from his body amidst highly secret burial processions, naturally of course since he was such a cult, I mean pop superstar.. I suspected that he was one of 'em that would cryogenically freeze his brain for later use when technology would be such that it could be put into an android body or something like that. He was weird enough that I am sure he would do something like that. The unfortunate thing of that is, it can't happen, the soul cannot be captured, as advanced as technology can get, we cannot manufacture a soul, at least not what would be a real soul, it could be something that could seem like a soul, like in artificial intelligence, but even then what would that be..? Some kind of strange entity, not human at all, a Frankenstein of sorts. An abomination if you think about it. 

See Steven Spielberg's movie AI (Artificial Intelligence) for questions on that issue. Philosophical questions of morality brought up, quite brilliant really since he probably was aware of the trends of Transhumanism and brought up the philosophical questions of it. Is that why the movie did not get rave reviews..? Didn't it? Because of it's 'truth?' Of course see The Matrix series of movies for more on the 'Hive Mind.' what it could really mean, you think that's science fiction? Yeah, maybe now, although not spiritually, I think we all get influenced in a 'hive mind' at one point or another until we break free and become truly independent thinking creatures in our own right. But if these Transhumanist concepts would truly take effect, it could conceivably create an 'actual' 'hive mind.' See the 'Borg' series of stories in Star Trek Next Generation. For those who think  it would bee 'cool' think about.. not having your own thoughts, not being to escape from the 'hive' would that bee cool..? That means if you wanted to go see your girlfriend, you couldn't - not if the 'Hive' had to do its thing. Furthermore, according to this article, in order to function at the highest efficiency, the 'Hive' would not be allowed to have sexual desire. There goes normal human living. It would be like having the most restrictive parents in the world! And then some! Teenagers out there, you think you have it difficult now, just imagine if you had a 'group mind!' Not your own mind at all. 

Now this concept has been around for more than a few decades, probably longer in very elite circles, those who 'saw the future' but in the twentieth century, it has been around at least since the advent of film, take Metropolis (1927), ( is basically about a woman who gives up her soul and spirit and body to become this kind of robot, only it is done in an esoteric black magic ritual from what I understand. That may not be readily apparent at first glance or if you are not aware of that kind of thing. So this idea has been around for quite some time. Fritz Lang was a filmmaker who escaped from impending Nazi Germany so he was on the side of exposing the truth of things. His remarkable film was really about the dangers of Transhumanism.

One thing to watch out for - they may introduce this concept in the most innocuous way, and how would they make it so that some willingly do this..? I have seen the evidence. Watching an episode of 'V' the sci-fi epic about aliens that come down to earth, but have really been here all along, who look like humans, because they have cloned their skin from human genes, but are really reptiles. Ha. Well anyway, interesting show, 'cause I am such a sci-fi fan so watch it.

But anyway, a few episodes or so ago, in this show called 'V,' there was an extremely clever and seamless edit. But I caught it, it was in regards to that 'super soldier' that the Queen sent out to catch the dissidents from the Fifth Column, you have to watch the show to even know what all this means. So watch it! The Hive demands it! Hehe, just a little 'Bee' humor..  anyway, it was a matter of editing, and it was so seamless, unless you pay attention and are very observant or have some knowledge of media and editing, you may not catch it. But this super soldier with piercing intense blue eyes and a super physique and powers, who can 'see' heartbeats through the air, a hunting machine so to speak, like a terminator type figure, is shown hunting the humans, and just before cutting to commercial, you see a clip of his eyes and it seamlessly slips into a commercial about Halo of all things, the video game. I frankly thought it was a commercial about joining the army. It did look like that. But this Halo game as those who play it know, is extremely popular from what I understand, and this commercial makes it seem like to be in the game you have to be literally 'in the game' like some sort of virtual reality. It shows images of the character laying on a table with some sort of chips or something being embedded into his head, probably to give him more 'power.' This is just a fantasy commercial for now, but I believe this is a way to influence game players for one to want to have chips or other computerized components inserted into their heads/bodies to enhance the game so that virtual reality will take over and you are actually 'in the game.' It was ruthlessly clever to edit in such a way that the super soldier on the show seamlessly goes to the commercial without a break.. what you see at first is the piercing blue eyes of the super soldier in the show V and then the commercial which shows the eyes of the soldier in Halo. 

So, that is one way that 'they' could get some to willingly start to become Transhuman.. that is their way, make us want to do that, what is ultimately not good for us.. Sound like anything familiar..? if you do this, oh surely you will not die... no you will not die.. but what you know as your soul, spirit and free thinking will and since that is what makes us truly human and sentient beings, and we don't have that then yeah, we die! I hope that whoever these Transhumanists target which may start with the game players, that they think twice about what they may be doing and letting happen to them, because once you open that door, a whole host of other unexpected guests may arrive and once they're in, they won't want to leave!

This is not to say that 'Gamers' might be the only ones susceptible to this kind of thinking. Everyone can be. Anyone who is tempted by technology, and perhaps 'immortality.' Someone sick who is promised with technology that would save their body but compromise their mind might be tempted. The list goes on and on. This is an explanation only for a start. There is more to be talked about. 

If you wish to see this episode, it should be on the ABC website for at least a little while longer, if it is still on there, they usually keep the last five episodes I believe. If not there, you can look on Hulu, or Veoh or one of the other free websites they have now that have TV shows. But if you see this episode, the part I am talking about is towards the end of the episode, in the last quarter probably. It is the episode regarding the 'super soldier' that the 'Queen' ('Queen Bee?') releases to hunt the Fifth Column, the rogue group that is against the 'V's.' You must watch the show to know what it is I am talking about at all. Of course, on the webisode, they would probably not have the original commercial showing, so this may be a moot point. But you can see the episode anyway to see what I am talking about.

This is not the original commercial that showed on that episode of 'V but this one is rather interesting too. There are comments on the original video on youtube to the effect that 'this trailer is better than the game!' I find that interesting, why is it that the trailer and commercials are so elaborate, just to advertise for a simple video game..? At least not its intended ultimate incarnation..? Could it be that it is not a simple video game? It's just a game, right? The trailer sure seems serious. I don't know if it is supposed to be about America or some other unknown country, but it resembles one of those war movies about the Nazis or some other tyrannical regime. I don't know, kinda intense.

Here it is anyway: 

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