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Monday, November 23, 2009

Mind Control through Entertainment

It's all hype, propaganda, illusion and pretense. Pomp and Circumstance. You must penetrate beneath the veil to see the Truth..we must educate ourselves and our children, we must take matters into our own hands. If we keep saying why don't 'they' do this or why don't 'they' do that, well 'they' have been doing something all along WE have been doing nothing but going along! If we don't start doing something for ourselves and each other, and keep giving our rights, responsibility and power away then it will all be taken away and we will deserve it! At the very least, we won't be able to do anything about it, it might be too late. We will have brought the 'Apocalypse' upon ourselves. It is not some kind of 'outer' force, but ourselves that we must elevate to the higher realms. Then the Force of the Universe will do the rest.. that's what I think.. What do you think...?

I also say if it's all a 'Show' then let's enjoy the show yet know what it is and also that we may be part of the Show so let's do our parts to the best of our ability! What are our parts in this great pageantry? What is our purpose? That is what we must find out.. let's just not let some 'outer authority' tell us what we should or should not do, think or say.. let us make the decisions for ourselves. That is true liberty and free will, which is an inborn right, the most primal right of humanity. We are born with Free Will, that is why 'God' does not interfere and why there are so many problems in the World, he wants us to have our Free Will, which is so much more important than forcing someone, but we just haven't caught on yet.. but we as a whole are starting to do that, we are starting to wake up from the Matrix.. slowly but surely, as I look at a lot of the articles and comments on different websites, I see much progress, it is very encouraging indeed.. let's keep it up.!

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